Arashi Share House 2012.11.22 (Guest: Inoue Mao)

I would like to say thank you to Junao@LSS for pointing these out! 8D

For the first two parts, you can hear Sho’s laugh on the background along with the staff. But as for the 3rd part, I’m not sure if that was Matsujun’s laugh after Mao-chan said “Tetris.”

Also, these are the dates and guests for the past episodes so I’m not sure why Jun would be there during this particular episode with Mao-chan as guest if ever he was really there.  They always shoot 2 episodes in a day so it would be like this:


credits: http://kazunari.dreamwidth.org/2610.html

Sho-chan would be there and maybe also Riida was there, because they had a shoot on the same day.

For episodes 198 and 199, the reason why I think Jun can’t be on the set of Share House with Mao-chan that day is because of the staff/manager who called them from their green room. He’s wearing the same clothes on both 2 recent episodes.


If Jun was there or not, the only ones who can answer about it are the Arashi members, Mao-chan, and the staff :))

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