How to make gifs using Photoscape

Since I received messages in my inbox asking me how I make my gifs, I decided to just make this post so I can just link this to them :)

First, you’ll need to download this editing software called Photoscape.

I gave up on using Photoshop because I find it very complicated XDD LOL! So I decided to just stick with Photoscape which is very, very easy to use.

By the way, you should also have VLC installed as your media player (or just an extra media player). If you don’t have it, you can download it here.

Now that you already have these installed, we can already start! Yey! 8D

1. Play the video on VLC where you want to get the part you want to gif. Stop on that part and get ready with your fingers to click for numerous times :))

2. Click on the "Slower" arrows pointing to the left, once just like what is shown below.

3. Then to get the caps you will need to combine later, click the "Take a snapshot" button. The snapshots you got will automatically be in your My Pictures folder.

4. After that, click the "space" button on your keyboard to play the video but press it again to stop it. Instead of clicking the play button from the player, your space button will be your play/pause button. Once you press the space button, you will press it again immediately to stop it. (Like press, press. Press, press.) We need them frame by frame so this is where it’s going to be a little tiring.

5. Click the "take a snapshot" button again to make a cap of that frame.

6. Repeat instruction numbers 3-5.

7. Once you are already satisfied with the caps you have, open Photoscape then go to "Batch Editor". In Batch Editor, you can edit the photos all together without editing them one by one. From the My Pictures folder on the side, click it and then scroll down on the lower left box under it. Highlight all the caps you got and drag them on the upper space above. 

8. If you want to edit the size of the caps, go to Home (on the right side) and then click on the resize choices. As for me, I resized it into 400x200.

To edit the colors, go to Filter and then choose whatever you want to make the photos into your desired look.

Want to put a mustache on his face? Or just a watermark to the photos? Go to Object where you can put a photo or text on top of the caps.

9. When you’re already done, click the “Convert All” at the upper right and then the photos will be saved in a folder called output. Photoscape will automatically make this folder so you won’t have any problems about it.

By the way, this will show up as you convert the photos. You can just copy what I did with mine then click save :)

Now we’re going to make them move!

10. Go to Animated GIF and then on the upper left box for the folders, click the “output” folder which can also be seen on the My Pictures folder.

11. Highlight all the photos you edited a while ago and then drag them on the space above.

Now you will see your photos moving! 8D

You can change the time, the effect and resize it again if you want.

Since I post most of my gifs in tumblr, I always make them lower than 400 KB. I delete some of the caps and resize it so it will be a smaller file. You will know the file size of your gif once you save it.

12. If you’re already done, save your work.

Here’s the finish product:



It may seem like a lot of work but trust me, once you got the gist of it, you’ll get addicted with making gifs just like what happened to me and everything will seem easier XD You will need a lot of patience especially if you’re trying to keep them lower than 400 KB. With the different features of Photoscape, you can do so many things from it. 

Want to make the size of your gif bigger? 

Make them lesser than 10 caps and/or make them black and white when you edit them, and you’ll surely get the size that you want but still with quality :) BTW, you can also crop the photos as a choice from the Batch Editor and the Animated GIF.

A special thanks to Sakurai Sho for letting me use his face for this XDD LOL! AS IF HE HAS A CHOICE! :))

Well then, thank you for reading!!!


Any comments or negative reactions? Were the instructions confusing? I would love to hear feedbacks about this ^___^


It has come to my attention that Photoscape does not work for those who are using MAC. 

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