Happy 22nd Anniversary since debut, SMAP: 
"We're five mischievous guys... Thank you for accepting these five people." - Nakai Masahiro*
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We all do some things in our lives we eventually regret.

The good and bad side of Light Yagami.

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Ang sakit sa puso! Yung crush ko :((((( Huhuhuhu.

9 hours ago reblog; hanggang crush nalang ang lahat pero nakakatuwa kasi siyang tao di siya gwapo pero cute siya (para sa akin) at napakabait niyang tao ugggggh sana di niya nahalata na crush ko siya nung magkaklase palang kami last last sem blah 2014
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He reminds me so much of my original coach. The only difference is that she’s a woman.

I enjoyed the first episode. Maybe it’s because I was an athlete myself? The things he said near the end was just like the things my coach used to tell us when I was just starting in judo. Oh man, I feel like crying :”l

I’ll watch this until the end!

9 hours ago with 3 notes reblog; uuuuugh :(((( the tears on my face one of the precious moments of being an athlete is when you're just starting the hardships the tears the advices you'll still remember them even if you're already THERE they're so precious that you'd want to go back in time to experience them again i'm really thankful to my coach sorry if this became a dramatic post blah 2014


More Facts on Psychofacts :)

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kawaiiiiiiiiii Mao chan :)

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