Aaron misses ‘Fall in Love With Me’ x feels bad for often arriving late for filming

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"Ok, this translation is from the tidbits of the article which will be released today.

Credit from kiokunokatachi

- Someone from the industry leaked this little convo she had w/ Mao-chan about J. She revealed that Mao was close to Toma at first.
- But J was so persistent in pursuing her so they…

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If you’re going to ask me 😜
I hate the division in Kisumai. It’s annoying to watch them because of it.
BUSAIKU is funny, awesome and adorable! Let’s just not talk about if they’re handsome or what :))))) LOL!

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checking your phone in the middle of the night


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Random questions:

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Was reading Kuragehime and then… ;D

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If you google ‘Zerg Rush’ it will give you a nice surprise.


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Aaron’s 2014 Mini Albums | Drama 領銜主演 : D R A M A // C U T

[一刀不剪 No Cut // Dance Vers.] Official Music Video feat. Puff Kuo (released 08/20)

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Honey Mustard Ham Grilled Cheese

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